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Joseph Pilates developed his exercise philosophy in the 1920s. This unique system focuses on improving posture and flexibility, increasing core strength and stability, and toning the body by targeting the deep postural muscles. For many years, athletes, dancers, sports men and women have used Pilates as a method for rebalancing musculature. It takes a little time and effort to acquire balance in one’s body, but with the right guidance, it is achievable.

Pilates is a body-conditioning exercise therapy which offers you a gentle but powerful approach to achieving your natural potential for optimal strength, flexibility and stamina.  Gill is a highly qualified and experienced Pilates tutor and practitioner, and she personalizes the tuition for specific medical conditions and posture types. The Pilates method involves naturally re-aligning the spine to its optimum position with gentle stretching and strengthening movements, designed to give you suppleness, grace and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you move, work and play.  Pilates develops the body uniformly, restoring physical vitality, invigorating the mind and lifting the spirits.

Some Of The Results You Will See:


Experience the vital connection between mind and body, with a “thinking way of moving”, blocking out other thoughts. There is great focus on exact execution of the movements – setup and alignment are crucial to getting the most out of the exercises.


Life is breath, and breath is life. A lateral thoracic breath is used in Pilates, a kind of 3-D breath, reaching the lower lobes of the lungs where there is a very efficient exchange of gas.


We focus on good placement of all the main weight-bearing joints: ankles, knees, pelvis, spine, ribs, shoulder girdle and head.  When the transversus abdominus and pelvic floor muscles contract, this will ensure stability and support through the lumbar/pelvic region.  Every Pilates exercise is initiated by this contraction (connection).


Joseph Pilates called it ‘contrology’. It’s about moving with grace and precision, seeking to find a real awareness in the way you move. The slower the Pilates move, the more we gain from it ….. less is more. Fluidity through the whole body unit enables natural movements carried out correctly, gracefully and with control – almost like a dance. Pilates reveals weaknesses and imbalances, and so we begin to learn from and listen to the structure of our bodies, then become able to isolate and control the different muscle groups.


As with any mind/body program, repetition and frequency leads to an increase in skill level.  The Pilates method is intelligent and the repertoire encompasses the whole body. It’s an holistic, thorough workout for the body and the mind which respects the anatomy and individual needs.

All that’s left is to feel blessed with our movement and practise appropriately for the rest of our lives.

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Pilates Saved My Life!

After suffering from a niggling back pain for years it became unbearable and I was desperate. I felt better after one session and it just keeps on doing that every time I visit.  I can now get out of bed without my back giving way, I can sneeze without my legs going, the same with coughing.

George Poulter

I Would Wholly Recommend Gill and Her Team

I have been a client of Pilates North East for over 5 years now. The environment is supportive, safe and directed by up to date practitioners. The lesson plans are well thought out and delivered in a friendly but professional way with modifications offered at all stages for beginners. I would wholly recommend Gill and her team.

Dr. Michael Mason

These Zoom classes have been a lifeline to me

Without these Zoom practices I don’t know where I would have been both mentally and physically. I live alone and have been in the shielded group for 5 weeks, not allowed to even go for a walk. Without any idea when circumstances might change for me and others like me. These Zoom classes have been a lifeline to me.

Gill McDermott