Booking Instructions

How to Book Online Classes

We appreciate that the transition to an online booking system may seem a little daunting for some of you, but we promise that it will make both yours and our lives easier! We have put together a set of step-by-step instructions to help you book online classes, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any assistance.

Step 1: Choose a Class

Firstly, you need to decide which classes you would like to join.

Take a look at our Online Class Timetable for the details of all of our available online classes. You can also find more detailed information about the classes here.

The timetable image (as shown here) is for your information only. Please scroll further down the online classes page to see the booking information and select your classes.


Pilates North East Online Class Timetable

Step 2: Select the Chosen Classes

Once you have chosen which classes you would like to join, scroll further down the page to see the full schedule. The left hand side shows every individual class.

Please click on the individual class that you would like to join, or if you would like to book a the rest of the course, click on the first class in the series. The option that you have chosen will be highlighted as shown below.

Pilates North East Online Booking Instructions

Step 3: Choosing Your Ticket Type

When you have clicked and highlighted your chosen class, the details of the that class and all remaining classes in the course will now appear to the right of your selection.

You now need to choose which type of ticket to purchase.

Choose ‘Single Class Ticket’ if you only want to book one class. Choose ‘Book Course’ if you would like to book the remaining classes in the course.

To use a class pass, click on class passes in the booking panel to add a class pass to your basket, click ‘select more’ then add each individual class to your basket. The onscreen instructions will guide you through the classes available.

Once you click ‘Select’ on the ticket type, one ticket will be added to your basket. You can increase this number to purchase more than one ticket for the class/course if required.

If you have selected a class pass, the class pass will be added to your basket and you then need to click on  ‘select more’ to go back and book your place on each individual class of your choice.

Pilates North East Online Pilates Class

Please Note: If you want to book on a few different classes/courses, you will need to highlight and select each one individually and repeat the process above before you checkout.

Step 4: View Tickets & Book

Once you have added all of your chosen tickets to the basket, click on ‘View Selections’. This will then show you all of the tickets you have selected. On this page you can delete any of the chosen tickets by clicking on the cross next to them. You can also choose to add more tickets before you checkout.

Once you are happy with your selections, click Book Now.

Pilates North East Online Pilates Class

Step 5: Enter Your Details & Pay

The system will now prompt you to enter your email address, followed by the attendee details. Please complete all of the required fields and click ‘Continue’.

Pilates North East Online Pilates Class

Click on ‘Pay by Card’, enter your debit/credit card details and billing postcode. Then, click Pay. Once your card payment has been completed, you will get an on-screen confirmation of your booking, and the details to access your online class will be emailed to you.

Pilates North East Online Pilates Class

Step 5: Create Account (Optional)

On the booking confirmation screen, you will have the option to create a password so that you can log in, saving time in the future. If you would like to create an account, please click on this link and an email will be sent to you. Once you have created your account, you will have the option to log in and manage your bookings at any time. The login button is located on the top right of the ticket selection box.

Pilates North East Online Pilates Class

How to Cancel Your Ticket & Rebook

You don’t need to contact us to cancel your online bookings and to rearrange your classes. This can all be done within your online account, via your confirmation email as shown below.

Step 1:

Go to your confirmation email and click ‘view booking’, then click ‘ticket options’:

View Online Bookings | Pilates North East
Ticket options | Pilates North East
Cancel tickets
Transfer tickets

Please Note:

We require every one of our clients to complete a Screening Form at least 24 hours before the start if their first class. Please ensure you have done this online.