How to Use Zoom

How to Use Zoom for Your Online Classes

Once you have booked your classes online, you will receive an email with a booking confirmation and everything you need to access your online pilates or yoga class. All online classes are brought to you by a system called Zoom. It is very simple to use, but here are some step-by-step instructions to help you.

Step 1: Go to Your Email

Once you have made a booking, go to your email system and locate the booking confirmation. If you cannot find it, make sure you check your spam folder, just in case it has gone into there. The email will have come from ‘Pilates North East [email protected]

From the booking confirmation, you can add your class to your personal calendar, view your booking, or click on ‘View Online Event’ to access the full details and the link to your Zoom class.

Please note: You only need to click on the Zoom link when you are ready to join your scheduled class.

How to Use Zoom | Pilates North East

Step 2: Access Your Scheduled Classes

To access your scheduled class, please go to your booking confirmation, click on ‘View Online Event’ and then click on the button which says ‘Join Zoom Meeting’. We recommend that you practice this once or twice at first, and also that you log in to Zoom at least 10 minutes prior to the start of every scheduled class.

How to Use Zoom | Pilates North East

Step 3: Access Zoom

Once you have clicked on the button to join the Zoom meeting (which is your online class), you will be taken to a different web page and it will prompt you to Open Zoom Meetings. If this notification box does not pop up, simply click the link where it says ‘click here to launch the meeting’ and follow the online instructions.

How to Use Zoom | Pilates North East

Step 4: Enjoy Your Class!

Once you have followed all of the instructions above, you will have an information box on your screen as shown below. Your instructor will let you into the class just before the scheduled start time.

Please position your phone/laptop/device so that your instructor can see you on your mat so he/she can offer guidance when needed. Once you have been let into your online class, you will be able to see what your instructor sees and can reposition your camera accordingly. You can of course turn off your camera or remain out of sight if you feel more comfortable with this.

How to Use Zoom | Pilates North East

Please Note:

We require every one of our clients to complete a Screening Form at least 24 hours before the start if their first class. Please ensure you have done this online.