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Meet Our Pilates Instructors!

At Pilates North East, we offer a warm and friendly service every step of the way: from the moment you book your class to long after you have signed out of Zoom. As you practice from the comfort of your own home, feel the wonders and delights of mindful movement and intelligent exercise.

Welcome the energy and passion of the best Pilates and Yoga instructors into your space, with intimate, consciously curated classes – you can read about our lovely instructors below.

Gill firmly believes that it is all of the links in the chain that keep the bicycle balanced and moving forwards. Her whole team mean the world to her.

Gill Bennison-Souri | Pilates North East | Pilates Instructors

Gill Bennison-Souri

I am the owner of Pilates North East. I started teaching Pilates at a very young age and immediately knew that I had found my vocation.

Meeting the needs of the individual is very important to me, and quality is always in the forefront of my mind. >>Read More

Andreas Souris | Pilates North East

Andreas Souris

Andreas Souris is a fully trained Therapist in NST (Neurostructural Integration Technique), The BOWEN Technique, CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology, various Therapeutic Massage Techniques, Pilates level 1, Applied Kinesiology, NLP and Life-Coaching. He also runs Create Retreats with Gill.

Pamela Wilson | Pilates North East

Pamela Wilson

Pam has been a fitness enthusiast for many years, attaining qualifications in the Health & Fitness Industry which led her into the world of Pilates. Pam is a keen believer that Pilates principles can be applied to daily activities for well-being and should not be confined to a studio.

Kim Wells | Pilates North East

Kim Wells

Kim is an experienced practitioner working in the health, wellness and fitness industry and has been teaching group fitness classes since 1989. She is skilled in Wellness Coaching, Pilates & Yoga and gains great satisfaction seeing a client’s movement quality improve.

Sophie Heatley

Sophie Heatley

Sophie Heatley is a Yoga Instructor and our Digital Marketing assistant. She is trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Rocket and Yin & Meditation. She has been teaching chair yoga for 2 years and has recently started leading our monthly mindfulness sessions. Sophie is based in London.

These Zoom classes have been a lifeline to me

Without these Zoom practices I don’t know where I would have been both mentally and physically. I live alone and have been in the shielded group for 5 weeks, not allowed to even go for a walk. Without any idea when circumstances might change for me and others like me. These Zoom classes have been a lifeline to me.

Gill McDermott

Pilates Saved My Life!

After suffering from a niggling back pain for years it became unbearable and I was desperate. I felt better after one session and it just keeps on doing that every time I visit.  I can now get out of bed without my back giving way, I can sneeze without my legs going, the same with coughing.

George Poulter

I Would Wholly Recommend Gill and Her Team

I have been a client of Pilates North East for over 5 years now. The environment is supportive, safe and directed by up to date practitioners. The lesson plans are well thought out and delivered in a friendly but professional way with modifications offered at all stages for beginners. I would wholly recommend Gill and her team.

Dr. Michael Mason